I Will Always

I Will Always

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Liner Notes: 

Nadia once again inspired me with this haunting piano track that brought some vocal melodies and lyrics to mind immediately - this track seems to live in the same world as the others we've created but has an aching, lonely quality that sets it apart. It was great to explore that dynamic.

© 2021 Nadia Cripps (music) and Christopher Matthew Smith (lyrics / vocals)

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Released July 15, 2021
"I Will Always" © 2021 Nadia Cripps and Christopher Matthew Smith.
Music by Nadia Cripps, vocal melody by Christopher Matthew Smith. Lyrics and vocals by Christopher Matthew Smith. Piano by Nadia Cripps. Demo by Nadia Cripps and Christopher Matthew Smith.


Nothing dances
Like you used to
Not the draft from
Open windows
Second chancers
Promise nothing
Closing windows

Tho you’re gone,
I will always look for you
Even when my time is through
I will always, always
I will always look for you
I will never hear the truth
Love you always

Echo chambers
Looming dangers
Don’t concern me
I want answers
It’s been ages
Still I’m calling
To the void in
Which I’m falling

But you’re gone...
I will always look for you
Even now my time is through
I will always, always
I will always look for you
I can never face the truth
I’ll love you always

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Oh wow! Beautiful piano, vocal lifts, and that view! Love the drama of it all!

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gorgeous piano piece with some vocal melodies added im just the right places

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Oh wow this is wonderful! That anticipation in Nadia's emotional piano is perfectly matched with these haunting lyrics! Powerful performance with the vocal and drama. You guys have created a great song!

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This is hauntingly beautiful. What an emotional piece. I love the lyrics, production on the vocals, and piano. So good!

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this is great! it has a lot of humanity in it. some of the lyrics strike a familiar sense; that is to say 'oh yes that has also happened to me'...

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This is a beautiful addition to Nadia's instrumental! I love the soaring melody in the chorus, and the vocal layering adds a ghostly quality to the piece. Beautiful and haunting. Great collab!

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Christopher, you've got a little "Sting" thing going there with your voice. Ever had anyone else tell you that? Really great vocal.

Lovely, lovely piano as always, Nadia. Loved this!

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What a lovely pairing, The lyrics/vocals work so perfectly with the haunting music. The longing is palpable. Wonderful job!
The emotion reminds me of the imortal line from Bram Stoker's Dracula: "I have crossed oceans of time to find you".
Thank you Nadia for your very kind words earlier today! Smile

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Nicely paired piano/vocal piece. The passion sings through a dark and moody background in just the right amounts!

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Great work you two! Haunting and beautiful, love the contrast of the vocals to the piano's striking notes.

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This is GREAT collab, that haunting piano and powerful vocals. WELL gone guys/gals

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This is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful piano ballad! Great collaboration.