Alondra (Lark)

Alondra (Lark)

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Liner Notes: 

Another one I recorded last week and am posting now, while I'm on a beach vacation. (I've written three songs this week, so I have some recording to do when I get home in a few days.)
I wrote an instrumental "Alondra" with the same chord progression for 50/90 2017 - it's on acoustic guitar and tongue drum.


Hey there, lark up in a tree
singing just for me
Hey there, lark - got a song so true
I want to sing with you

Alondra - en el arbol
cantando solo para mi
Alondra - con una cancion real
Quiero cantar contigo

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This is lovely! I always enjoy your finger and strum patterns. I love the simple beauty of the concise lyric. And any song with a little Spanish is a winner!

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A real summery, sensitive song. The uke is a good choice for this, Sweet playing for the ukulele picking parts.