You Say Goodbye First

You Say Goodbye First

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Liner Notes: 

Gwyn wrote the lyrics and I did the music, production, sound effects. The original song concept came from a Songwrite Inn prompt by Alex Klages (@metalfoot). This week it went from iPhone recording to my mixing desk!


2021 Cooper/Jones
All Rights Reserved

Talking for hour after hour
On phones with hardly any power
Making plans to meet up very soon
Baby we were over the moon

The batteries were low
I knew you had to go
This was the part I used find the worst
Just A few seconds more
I would then implore
Baby, can YOU say goodbye first

We played this little game
Each time much the same
But it never felt over rehearsed
It brightened up the day
As we went on our way
Baby, can YOU say goodbye first

But you’d go no YOU say it
That way we would delay it
A few more stolen moments on the line
A feeling of elation
After each conversation
A sense that our connection was just fine

But the distance became wider
When you found a new provider
And the bubble we were in began to burst
The signal became clear
The end of call was near
But Baby, can YOU say goodbye first

We played that little game
But this time not the same
The charges of love had been reversed
It so darkened my day
As you went on your way
When baby, YOU said goodbye first

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ha ha the memories, the mixtures (even the pushbike bell) or even terry dactyl and the dinosaurs or even the Bonzos. great fun song really enjoyable havent heard anything like it for years! loved it!

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my wife and I, in our courtship played a variation on this game, as she refused to say goodbye, she would say you hang up firs. there were never any goodbyes. despite the differences, you have truly captured the moment in this delightful song.

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Heh. A fun lyric! and an even more fun musical setting with lots of little ear-goodies in the arrangement.

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Now this really made me smile! So love those lyrics and how perfect way to bring them to life! Cute!

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I adore what Georgie has done with clever and a Brillsville production!

Ah, yes…. Saying good-bye first! Cute! Love the vocals!

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Very clever lyrics and a but sad turn at the end. Nice collaboration and fun song.

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lovely collab, great sounds in here and i love the banjo. the conversation snippets are fun and the end of the story is a great payoff. altogether really nice song and collab

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So cute! Great collaboration. And this sounds like you had so much fun in the music production….wonderful work.

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Very clever, a nice story song, and the banjo is a great basis to build the song on. I particularly like how the tonality and arrangement gets more apprehensive along with the story. All the phone noises are a nice touch too.

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Brilliant fun song and collaboration. Lovely how it came out and how happily it sounds. Fantastic lyrics, music, sound effects, singing, playing and demo. Impossible not to have a great time while listening. Your song is visual and catchy. I can imagine it on stage and in a concert. Thank you, you are a beautiful team!

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Great collab. Really funny!! The banjo is awesome. WELL DONE YOU TWO