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Liner Notes: 

continuing my attempt to do 50 instrumental modular synth experiments for 5090...

the concept behind this one was noise... i wanted to try and use as many noise-based sounds as i could in my various modules and still make something musical. i think i largely succeeded with it! quite ambient and melodic in the end...

\\\\\\\\ patch notes ////////

plaits ("background pad" in filtered noise mode, two outputs to stereo channels)
kinks -> ripples -> tallin ("background waves" using white noise into a filter, with HP/LP outputs going into 2 overdriven VCAs in stereo)
rings (in sympathetic strings mode; the only real non-"noisy" sound)
plonk ("kick" using modified "noisy tom" preset)
ubraids -> 2hp vca ("hihat" in TWNQ filtered noise mode)
basimilus iteritas alter ("snare")

the whole mix goes through typhoon for granular delay & reverb

marbles; for clock and pitch/filter modulation on plaits, ubraids, plonk
turing machine (w/ volts expander) -> scales; for rings and "snare" pitch in a 5th interval
grids for drum rhythms

ears to manually playing rings (tapping on the case and panel with a contact microphone)
a182-2 switch to alternate between the two evolving sequences coming out of turing machine & its volts expander for the melodies
control ("four big knobs") to modulate the drum pattern in grids as well as generate fills with the "CHNG" output)

peaks, ochd, stages for lots of lfos messing with parameters everywhere

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This is pretty impressive. I love how post-apocalyptic it sounds. Definitely my kind of vibe. Good stuff!

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Damn, great stereo and range of sounds you're getting here! Lots of variation in rhythm and tone as well. Gotta up my modular-fu here Smile

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Some really enchanting noises in here, and a really cool scary machine vibe from the whole thing.