Undue Enthusiasm

Undue Enthusiasm

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Improv 711: Undue Enthusiasm (Rakumi tongue drum)

Liner Notes: 

I had to record this piece three times because the first two, I wielded my mallets with such enthusiasm that the rubber bit flew off one of the sticks, and I ended up hitting the drum with the bare wood. Rather than play less violently, I switched mallets. My musical theory cannot be constrained by the need not to accidentally send a small rubber ball flying across the room.

The tongue drum is an instrument I discovered about a year ago and have since embraced wholeheartedly. Yes, all my tongue drums are cheap ones, a fact that is disdained by the tongue-drum community. I still really like them. I'll find myself a good one someday. In the meantime, they let me work out my feelings by hitting things melodically.

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That's a very cool instrument. You've obviously played it a bit.

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Wow...I have never seen a tongue drum. I like it. Well done