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Liner Notes: 

for 5090 i'll be doing a lot of "generative" modular synth experiments. some more musical than others.

this is a patch trying to emulate the sounds of a buchla music easel (, an early 1970s classic "west coast" style semi-modular synth. i didn't even know there were "west" and "east" coast synth philosophies until recently...

i'd like to think this is more musical and listenable than morton sobotnik's "silver apples of the moon" record, but it's kinda cut from that cloth.

opens with a 5-step sequence to which i manually a second voice doing random squeals, bringing it in and out. around 0:35 i turn on a sample & hold that randomly transposes the sequence every 15 steps, and i manually attenuate back down to a constant sequence over the course of the rest of the "performance."

\\\\\\\\ patch notes ////////

tirana -> sto (variable waveform) -> dplpg (left channel)
noise tool 1u -> dixie ii+ (square wave) -> dplpg (right channel)

maths - for (1) attack/decay envelopes and (2) attenuation
modbox for (1) various lfos for timbre/fm/pwm and (2) sample & hold transposing the sequence
diode chaos for (1) adjusting envelope times and (2) occasionally reversing the sequencer

the stereo output then goes through a tc hall of fame reverb pedal on the spring setting

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Looking for translation of your liner notes...Very foreign concepts for me but I listened and found it interesting and I would say musical. Lots of music I listen too I can usually visualize somewhat how it is being created. No idea about your arrangement here. I enjoyed it though...

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Ah, I sure do love generative music.
Ooh, this is so nice.
Sounds like malfunctioning AIs trying in vain to communicate with each other.
I'm loving that retro sound you got here.
Really great work.

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I like the balloon noises. Also the filtering on that arpeggio is pretty effective.

I’ve heard Silver Apples, but it has been a while, so hard to mentally compare.

But a fun piece.