The Day Always Comes

The Day Always Comes

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Liner Notes: 

Skrimish! I did all the extra challenges except the 7 chords. Couldn't fit them in. Oh well.

TITLE/THEME PROMPT: Renegade or Outlaw

Bonus Words (1 extra point for each bonus word used)


If you use ALL of the bonus words, you win a glorious invisible prize that is priceless!

If you are doing music only and not writing lyrics, you can get bonus points for:
Using at least 2 7th chords
Using at least 2 minor chords
adding some odd meter
making a cool bridge
keeping your song under 3 minutes
using any genre but country


He’s got a shotgun on his back
Bandanna on
He’s on the run
Nickel in his pocket
And a picture in his wallet
Of someone who's long gone

He might be a snake, but he never did what they said
He was playing with the devil now he wants him dead
It ain’t no crime to walk away
But the day always comes when you gotta pay

He’s got dirt on his face
Sweat on his brow
He’s tired as hell
He’s been running all night
Cause he doesn’t want to fight
But he won’t live in a cell


The hard part ain't the physical fight
It’s the memories that eat you alive
You can’t break free till you make a stand
So today he’s gonna be his own man


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Love the chours! And that synchopated rhythm is catchy, drawing you right into the song. Great skirmish!

See You In The Shadows…

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Love this story of loss, trying to stay free, determined to take a stand. He'll have to pay eventually, but it won't come cheap for the ones who come after him.

Nice character sketch.

kahlo's picture

Val! This is absolutely fabulous! I love the story and details in the character development. Love that strum pattern! It is a killer chorus with a message. Love they bridge too! You win big with all of the bonus words too! Love it! Thanks for joining!

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Yes an outlaw story song on ukelele! Cool rhythm and time signature. Digging this one Smile

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nice one!!! this has a great vibe and atmosphere, and the choice of both vocal phrasing and language totally makes this work. I did something also about a masked figure named snake, tho mine goes in a different direction. nice work!!

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Oh girl this is good! It is a great story and I love the uke and killer vocals too!

darcistrutt's picture

Your timing adds a lot to the song. The rhythm of your strum brings an ugency. Well done!

Sunfire's picture

I absoultely love this! Vocals, words and ukelele all produce a very enjoyable listen.

tjeff's picture

Cool song! Love the muted rhythmic uke strums, then when you open up the strum more in the chorus it creates a nice contrast. Good outlaw story too. I like!

wacha's picture

I love this, you are telling a great story. I love the rhythm, it helps build extra tension. That chorus is really catchy, ending on "But the day always comes when you gotta pay" was a great idea, I love how you deliver that line. Really nice skirmish!

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This not only drips atmosphere with the lyrics and your great performance, but I particularly like how you make a basic acoustic ukulele work so well in the context of shadows and criminality. The uke is so often used for sunny, upbeat songs, and while this song is definitely fun, you give the acoustic uke a muscularity that's terrific. As someone learning uke myself, I hope to be able to give my acoustic uke a similar vibe one day!