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Liner Notes: 

This is my first skirmish for this year. I've been kinda low on ideas, so a skirmish is perfect.

Earlier today I read about copyright traps. Dictionaries (and maps, and encyclopedias) put FAKE ENTRIES in to catch people copying their work.

Esquivalience is a fake word meaning "To shirk one's official duties". It was published in the 2001 edition of the New Oxford American Dictionary.


There were only so many ways
she could run
And time was not on her side
Holy Toledo she needed a gun
She hopped on the Nickel plate road
For a ride

her game was Esquivalience
She always had it down
they had her under
But she knew all the ways out of town

She jumped off
In St Louey
She needed to go to ground
She handled it so coolly.
She told folks she needed a place
To turn around

She rented a cold water flat
Over a five and ten
She knew the cards were stacked
She only went out at night
After ten

They broke down the door
At 5 in the morning
They searched up and down
a broke-down accordion
And a lipstick cigarette
And a note saying “see you ‘round”

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Well, I have a new word to use next to some of my other favourites Biggrin

This is a great tune with a great story. Well done!

See You In The Shadows…

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A pleasant listen and I am intrigued by the visual of a broke-down accordion. Congrats on turning a fake word definition into a story song based on the prompt and getting the first one on the board!

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What fantastic story telling and such a great delivery! I kind of want to meet her! I love learning a new fake word and you use it so well in that great chorus! Love the melody and the rhyme! Kudos on a wonderful skirmish song! Thanks for joining!

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I love the story you are telling, the lyrics are so clever and smart but the song is still catchy and fun. Really nice skirmish!

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Hey there. Great story! You can sing this right now for anyone and they would think you spent hours working on it. So we'll developed. Love that "see ya around" line. Nice!

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Had to google Esquivalience. Like the rhyme with Surveillance. I also smiled at the broken down accordian being found. Nice skirmish!

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Nice one! love the whole story, atmosphere and vibe of this- and way to go, figuring out a fake word to rhyme with 'surveillance'! (next time, make up a fake word that rhymes with 'orange' perhaps? Smile

love the ending 'see you around'!

great work!!

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Great title and very enjoyable song to listen to. Vocals and guitar sound great and the words kept me interested as well. I like how in the last verse she continues to know how to escape and does.

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Cool title, and you've crafted an interesting story around your made-up word. I really liked the last verse and how it put a finale in the story.

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Oh, wow... I love this one, Erik! It's captivating and clever. I loved the rhyme between surveillance and esquivalience, and the whole concept of the song is genius. Really nice!

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I really like the idea of basing a song around those fake words in dictionaries! And you made a terrific song out of it too: the word is put to perfect use, the rustic guitar and your vocals do a great job of selling the "outlaw" atmosphere, and the story of the lyric is involving and ends perfectly. Well done!

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Very clever. I love how you have spun up a whole story song out of this crazy word.

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This is a great song. Clever use of the fake word!

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Sounds wonderful! Very witty and a great story actually. Also a new retirement aspiration - to live by made-up words only.

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Esquivalience/surveillance has a nice ring to it. The place and railroad names are a very cool touch. And the left-behind broke-down accordion - ha!