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Liner Notes: 

during lockdown in 2020 I started exploring modular synthesizers.

for 5090 I'm probably going to make a bunch of "generative" instrumentals as a way to explore and learn how to use all my modules better.

it probably won't always be *ambient* stuff like this, though...

\\\\\\\\ patch notes ////////

rings -> typhoon
plaits -> ripples + twist
ubraids -> tallin

plonk, basimilus iteratus alter -> homemade dly

turing machine

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this is definitely a language I don't speak, but a hypnotic and engaging listen for sure... I have no idea what a' plait', 'ubraid',' plonk' or 'tallln' are (tho i know what marbles are, tho maybe not in this context?:) This is a really nice sounding piece with a great 'the machines are singing to us' vibe! great to hear!

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Fun to check out. I'm not always in the frame of mind to listen for the "discoveries" in a generative recording, but one can't beat the sonics of these hardware modules. They have a purity to them that seems not to be what people try to land on with soft synths. Listening to this makes me curious to understand the reverb, echo, and other sound-bouncing modules a little more.

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I'm with Mike don't understand the language but some nice stuff came out - the continuous bells almost give it some asian feel at the back as they often use them like this!

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Ah yes, this is much gentler than my first patch lol! Nice use of the "plucking" of Rings - Rings into Clouds is always fun. And to have a BIA in there and have it still so melodic, creative use of that one for sure. Definitely going to try to make something more musical next time. Thanks for the detailed liner notes, we've got several modules in common, perhaps a friendly contest using the same ones one day? Cheers!

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Really cool track, I loved the sounds here. It was very relaxing and I don't know, just something comforting about these beeps and boops. I really enjoyed this!