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Liner Notes: 

This year, I wanted to do *something* at least for 50/90, so I decided I'd just post some experiments with my modular synthesis rig. This one's noisy AF, inspired by watching a Mylar Melodies video on making generative music with a modular setup.

The oscillators are all coming from the 4ms Ensemble Oscillator, the pitch is modulated by the X1 output of Mutable Instruments Marbles, the Scale modulated by the Y output, the Root by the X2 output of Marbles, the Freeze button is receiving a random, rhythmic (if very slow) gate from Marbles' T1 output. The Oscillator's Cross FM is being modulated by one of Make Noise Maths' LFOs. The other Maths oscillator is modulating the Spring input on a Strymon Magneto, which is a delay / reverb / tape loop module set to the Loop mode.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I can't say I completely understand how you put that together but it was a pretty cool assemblage of noise even so!

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i'm doing a bunch of generative modular synth experiments this year, too!

let's egg each other on...

this is one's pretty brutal!

you've inspired me to try some noise and glitch type things. not really been my vibe historically, but there are so many possibilities with modular it's worth trying!

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I love generative music & doing it with those modular synths must be really fun Biggrin This is a wonderful trip. I love all the pulses and the almost staticky reverberations.

See You In The Shadows…

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Sounds like a good old fashioned robot orgy to me Biggrin

That's some pretty glorious noise! I fully approve!

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I heard this on Callums show and was like... Wait what? How did I miss you on 50/90! Excellent soundscape! I loved this man!