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Liner Notes: 

Lots of skirmishes! Here is mine on scents.


© 2021 Cindy Prince

Sun dried laundry on the line
Blooming lilacs are divine
Newborn babies soft and sweet
A classic car's old vinyl seats

First morning's coffee in my cup
Fields of flowers I dream up
A new baby doll at the store
Horses through a big barn door

Sometimes it's scents we remember
Running through a fresh mowed lawn
The smell of pine at Christmas time
The wet dew right after dawn
The powder scent of my Grandma
The cinnamon in Mom's rolls
The chlorine in the city pool
A blackberry cobbler on the stove

Morning bacon on a campfire
Fresh clothes from a clothes dryer
Fresh rain on a summer day
The roses in a bride's bouquet

Repeat chorus

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Oooh! Double prompt! This can count to the coffee skirmish too! Lots of powerful aromas in this one. Nice writing Smile

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I'd give my two cents but you already have some many scents...Way to squeeze in such a long list of vivid smells.

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Oh I love all the wonderfully sensory imagery in this - with so many lovely and familiar scents that evoke memories!

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Yes, the scents and aromas of things can bring us to a place and time. You capture that so well. Love all your descriptions.."the cinnamon in Mom's rolls" poignant!

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ooh some really conjurable aromas, really lovely turns of phrase too. loaded.

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I find it difficut to come up with these kind of lines, and you make it look easy. Great scents all the way through, I especially liked Horses through a big barn door. Great job!