The Smell of You

The Smell of You

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Liner Notes: 

Proving I'm not very good at skirmishing...technical difficulties, writer's block, no part B. All that said, it's a start...


The smell of love
Fire burning bright
Smokey clothes
About last night

Coffee brewing
I’m stewing
In the smell of you

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I love the slow jazzy evocative feel and the spares lyrics. You convey so much and take me camping with a a lover …. Wonderful take on the skirmish!

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you do hit a rich vein with what you do say, definitely and interesting concept - l like it!

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Cool laid back lazy feel. For such a short lyric it delivers a lot to picture and imagine.

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you have such a cool sound on that guitar. maybe when you are not constrained by skirmish time limits, you can develop the song some. i really like what you have going on here.

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That arrangement is solid. There is a great jazzy feel to this that works nicely with the lyrics. I think this is worth revisiting when you have the time.

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Lovely chill atmosphere underlined by that pensive solo guitar. grrat work for a skirmish! enjoyed my listen.
Thanks for all your great feedback!

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This really needs to be taken further. I think you can safely stop saying you're not good at skirmishes after producing something like this. I dunno if "Knopfleresque" is a real word, but I'm going to use it as an appropriate adjective here. Very much to my liking.