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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish time! The prompt was ‘ride’ and as it’s an 8am on a Saturday morning skirmish my household are still asleep so no music. But in my head this is a Celtic love song sung in an Irish accent to one’s beloved…


2021 Georgie Cooper

Ride that stallion wild and free
Gallop o’er hills and dales
Through the rivers deep and green
‘Til my love you get to me

Ride the train o’er rough terrain
Right up the mountain side
Through the heat and in the rain
‘Til my eyes see you again

Ride the waves big and bold
On the ocean blue
Through the storms an’ freezing cold
‘Til you in my arms I’ll hold

Ride the wind strong and brave
Let it guide you true
Through the gusts and through the gales
‘Til you be again my babe

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has a bit of an epic feel, needs some powerful music and a wind swept landscape - ooo maybe ive been skirmishing too long ha ha. Good lyric Georgie

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I am looking forward to hearing this to music - please let me know Smile
This is another song where the person likes to travel more and more and further and further, again in a very vivid way Smile

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Beautifully written lyrics with such a lovely ancient touch. The wealth of vivid pictures and colours is awesome! Yes, "Celtic" would suit them excellently, I guess.

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This has the feel of a timeless air with a Celtic lilt...superb imagery in the words with lots of potential musical scope,,,

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Can hear this with the full Celtic treatment and I love how each verse is about a different mode of transportation. Well done!

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Reading the lyrics and the spelling of some of the words, I definitely hear a Celtic vibe in my head. Great poetic imagery in the lyrics.

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Very beautiful lyrics with lost of imagery. I really like the structure, your use of repetition and the rhyme scheme moves the lyrics along very rhythmically.

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Love the exploration of the word “ride” in these really great lyrics! Nice skirmish write.