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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish tune, and just a line, but hey it's the first lyric I've written so far this 50/90 Biggrin


Last statement that you made
Let me know your veins
Are full of hate
You're a walking heart attack

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Hooray for the first lyrics and digging that guitar groove. Not bad for a prompt from grabbing a rhyming dictionary at the last minute. Thanks for playing!

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few but start and pretty good lines 0 i think you are making a statement. Sounded like the heart attack was happening at the end

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I love those phase effects, such a great sound. The clean lick into it is really good stuff

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Really cool guitar riff and effects. Nice solo too. Very pointed pithy statement. Successful knife wound!

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Wow. Inspired stuff for a skirmish. Well done. That phase is lovely on the ears and good to hear you singing, you should do it more!

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Yeah, loving the groove & those phased effects. But that little rhythm break takes the cake on this one. I could see you doing a lot more with this one.

See You In The Shadows…

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Love the effects on the guitar, and the lyrics get straight to the point! Cool groove.

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reminds me of when the 'jay mohr' character on that show where he played a hollywood agent, went into a massive tirade and then dropped dead in the middle of it...