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Liner Notes: 

Random pick of the skirmish prompt/title from page and line numbers from a fellow writer in the Slack chat near the beginning of the hour. In my case a vignette of sorts. I may revisit this one later.


Acoustic guitar tuned BEADF#B
[Actual chord sound(shape relative to nut)]

Verse 1 {repeat [E6(A6)] vamp [D6(G6)]}
Star Trek and The Monkees
On a 12 inch black and white TV
Pirates, Cisco Kid and The Lone Ranger
Leave It To Beaver
Substitute role models to learn how to live

Bridge 1 {repeat [A(D)] vamp [A6(D6)]}
It was a long trek from west central Pennsylvania to southwest florida
US 322 to 301 to 1 in a Ford F-100
Couldn't afford a hotel so we slept at roadside rests
The interstate highway system was nowhere near done

Verse 2
Rode my black Trek cruiser
Fake mountain bike fixing flat blues
For about 15 years
then I discovered Kevlar wide tires
traded away the banana seat for wider support
Only had seven gears

Bridge 2
It was a long trek from southwest Florida to west central Pennsylvania
I-4, 95, 495, 270, 70, 76 to 99
In a Ford Focus Electric to take care of final business
In the end it came down to instruments
Looking inside for resolution and forgiveness

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I love it when you tell stories this way, Andy. This is powerful, especially the Bridge 2. In the end it usually comes down to resolution and forgiveness...!

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I wondered who would go more TV and Star Trek! Andy of course. That echo really adds to this gives it much more depth and in a way an older black and white feel. Solid guitar of course. Plenty in this one! Nice

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You took me back to my childhood and all those great shows. Our old tv used to just fade out for awhile. But there's so much more too. Brilliant!

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Wonderful song full of nostalgic memories that drew me right in. I like the journey it takes me on. Written and delivered well!

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This tugs at so many memories, the best kind of reminiscing. That final line is tantalizing, this is one that deserves another listen

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Wow - the memories - Ford F150 - sleeping in rest areas, the Monkeys - and yes, that last line - you say the things I can't find the words for.

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Such powerful writing in this. Two epic journeys, one the mirror of the other (ideally you should have been wearing a goatee for one of them!) I love the way the song picks up the pace as each voyage gets under way.

And I'm smiling at how you worked a MTB reference in, too. Tioga Farmer Johns for me (later switched to Farmer John's Cousin, which are still on the bike!)

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I think I've seen every episode of "Leave It To Beaver" at least twice.
Lovely way to tell a story.
Your guitar work is super effective; it really appeals to me.
Your tunes are often really intimate-sounding, if that makes sense.
Excellent work here, once again.

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I thought of Star Trek and Trek bikes when I saw the title.
Great storytelling, and a delivery that is totally you. Worth revisiting!