I Don't Hate You Anymore

I Don't Hate You Anymore

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Liner Notes: 

Hating something or someone takes a lot of energy!


I Don’t Hate You Anymore
(c) 2021 by Sharon Stepler

I woke up this morning feeling strange
Took a while to figure out the change
Then I realized you weren’t in my head
And I was thinking happy thoughts instead

Ooh, I don’t hate you anymore
You’re not worth the trouble
You’re not worth the energy
Ooh I don’t hate you anymore
I’ve left it all behind
And now I’m free

You took such pleasure messing with my mind
I don’t know how I could have been so blind
I finally gave in to pain and rage
But all it did was keep me in a cage


When I contemplate the ways I’ve wasted time
The first thing that pops into my mind
Is the attention my heart paid to you
I’ve finally got better things to do


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coolparadiso's picture

Nice song. Nicely captured that feeling of the lifted mind burden. Pretty guitar as well. Nice skirmish.

mikehex's picture

Very nice song, it feels like shrugging off a heavy weight.

vivalarayna's picture

Such a nice, healthy, and relatable take on the prompt. Very pretty melody that captures the emotional release.

metalfoot's picture

So true that hate takes a lot of energy. Nice to break free of that chain and move forward. This song encapsulates that musically and lyrically.

AndyGetch's picture

Love this chorus, melodic and lifting after the effective story told in the verses. Well done on the skirmish!

tjeff's picture

Pretty fingerstyle playing, very nice. Great take on the prompt, putting a positive spin on your message of forgiveness. Nice writing.

musicsongwriter's picture

Beautiful song. Love the message here. Such a pleasure to listen to your singing and playing!

Amanda West's picture

Oh gawd, I can so relate to this !! Beautiful song and beautifully sung Smile

wobbie wobbit's picture

lovely guitar part and a lovely little song, i like how you lay it out in the first verse. neat angle for a song, very well executed