Who's Got A Heart For That by Melissa Lee/David L Graham

Who's Got A Heart For That by Melissa Lee/David L Graham

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Liner Notes: 

Melissa and I got together online, and I shot her the lyrics. https://soundcloud.com/mctown/whos-got-a-heart-for-that-melissa-lee


Who's Got A Heart For That David L Graham/Melissa Lee

You kiss me like you wish me gone
You're the right one who is never wrong
I'vev been living this lie just a little too long
I'd rather be singing a brand new song
You say it's working....but I'm the one who's hurting

Who's got a heart for that
I know I got better plans
And you just don't understand
Who's got a heart for that
So I'll do me, and you do you
Sorry you don't have a clue
We fell in the river too fast
What we're doing, it can't last
And who's got a heart for that

You always dance to your own little tune
You got secrets that are coming loose
I'm trying hard to believe your lies
But it's clear to see when I look in your eyes
You say I'm foolish....I don't know what I'm doing

I tangled it up, calling it love
But wanting and wishing won't get it done
We're just making it up as we go
And I just can't keep faking it so...

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Bass and piano drew me right in. Then the vocals...excellent. Great lyrics and phrasing. Spectacular song...Very soulful!!!

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Ouch! Felt the sting of those lyrics. Well done! Love that Bluesy vocal delivery/melody. Awesome collab! Wow!

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oh yeah - sitting in an evening club chilling! good lyric and top delivery!

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Very cool jazzy song. Love the bluesy feel. Gorgeous vocals and playing inspired by a sensational lyric.

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Transports you straight into the late night jazz club! Love the playing on that electric piano and walking bass, really nice. Vocals are smoky and bluesy and reverb-tastic, and the ‘Who’s got a heart for that’ hook is brilliant lyric. Well done both.

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Love me a great jazz tune. The words are really good and the jazz delivery is the best! Nice collab!