Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

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Liner Notes: 

This prompt really hit me. Going through a tough time this week, my younger brother is likely dying soon - he's suffering with severe pneumonia that is not responding to treatment. A severe schizophrenic since his late teens with chronic COPD and emphysema from being a lifelong smoker. He's only 57. Feeling sad and a bit angry at the "unfairness" of his life. Writing this has helped.


There was a boy
Who lived to learn and grow
His eyes would see it all
An endless search to know
So easy to laugh and cry
As free as a butterfly
So eager to jump and play
A new adventure every day
Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time

A sudden storm
Became a broken mind
His being drained of joy
Every second became a grind
He tried to escape his pain
Rub off an imagined stain
This was no way to live
No one to blame or forgive
Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time

There was a man
His breath was aching
He lay in silence
His life was breaking
Nothing could change the past
Realize the die's been cast
It's time for letting go
Allow life's long winds to blow
Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time

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Oh, I am so sorry to hear this about your brother! I cannot hear anything, but the words are so touching and sad. (hugs)

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Beautifully done. Words, vocals, guitar and all. I am sorry to hear about your brother.

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A beautiful song and so sorry to hear that the sad subject matter is a true story. Reminds me of some in my family.

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Oh wow this tugs at the heartstrings. What a superb write in such a small amount of time! I can hear the ache in your voice as you sing... This must be hard for you... But this is a beautiful song!

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This is really beautiful! These three verses break the story down to let us see the joy, the storm and the pain. I am so very sorry about your brother. It is incredibly painful to witness a loved one in pain and have nothing we can do to help. Hold his hand. Tell him stories like verse 1. Hugs.

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So sorry to hear about your brother. Vocals are plaintive and sweet. Soothing guitar.

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Glad that the prompt could give you some catharsis. A beautiful song and tribute.

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Didn't see the liner notes till after I heard your song. I ache with you, my brother. Thank you for a beautiful song.

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So sorry your brother is so ill. This is a beautiful song, perfect. The lyrics are really clever. I especially liked 'A sudden storm became a broken mind'