Single Point of Failure

Single Point of Failure

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Liner Notes: 

I don't really have ideas yet, so indulging some weird synth urges.

The lyrics were "generated" from the idea of a single point of failure, a business term. I had "Talk to Transformer", an AI, generate a riff off of the idea of single point of failure, and interspersed the AI story with lines from the business lingo pages I found on Single Point of Failure.

So that sounds really exciting, right?

I used all synth thingies for the music, and tried to put some emotion into the vocal about business models and a lonely, broke, and beautiful AI.

I'm sure ideas will arrive soon. But for tonight, this is what I got.

(Tools: Heinbach "Landfill Totems", Spitfire Audio "Haunted House", a Moog Mother 32 and a Korg "Arp Odyssey" synth.


I make my share of stupid decisions
There are no rules controlling delivery

And I’m not here to impress you
implementation in High risk redundancy

I’m a one-man band
Dependent and straightforward the entire high end failure completed

I can’t say that I’m anything special
But I can promise I have no peers

but even antithetical
One is best but new failures are two

I’m not stupid Just broke, lonely and beautiful
if implicated personnel may compromise the functional center if it fails one network

I’m not a sight to see, or hear I’m just an exception
the people-in-the-loop quickly lose sight of the need

So to those of you who know me Just remember that I am quite real
clusters location malfunction

And a bit of a misunderstood wildcard
Endpoint Interconnection Protocol (EPIC)

Crown me the queen of my dreams
And prove you’re only the second
non-knowledge Single answer a lead

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Super intense. Enjoyed the lyrics and the sound painting. Good work!

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Sometimes no ideas are the best ones! That soundscape sounds scary and intimidating, yet beautiful at the same time. I like this lyric a lot, and I think your delivery sang almost ballady works really great in a strange constrast with the music. It's almost unnerving, but I think that's just my own fears about rampant technology hahaha. I really enjoyed this!

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"Weird synth urges" works for me. Landfill Totems is a weird beast. I have yet to find a context where it seems to fit nicely with anything else, but I've not been pushing the boundaries recently, compositionally speaking. Hearing this makes me inspired to be more adventurous.

Because I absolutely dig this. (Landfill? Geddit?) The idea of a mournful AI like this one really appeals to me. Very Gibsonian.

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I love the quirkiness of this rather self-effacing insightful and introspective lyric as it is delivered with the vocal effects on top of that almost eerie in your head wonderful layer of synth sounds. The lyrics and music work quite well together to create an engaging and interesting piece.

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Oh this is weird in the best way possible.
I'm liking how the vocals seem to be vainly trying to compete with the formless backing track.
Hilarious and yet creepy lyrics.
Nice headphone music.
Great use of the stereo field.
Yeah, good work here for sure.
Haha love that non-ending!

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AI plus business lingo? Now I know the end result.
Well, I like the melody--that was you, right?

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What a trip! I loved all the sound textures in this one.

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So this is what happens when we reach the singularity... Trippy ride! Nice work with "No ideas"!