A Matter of Dreams

A Matter of Dreams

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Liner Notes: 

This track began with a title given by @Candle at this forum post http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/game-prompts. The title was "Matter of Dreams". I find that sounds can suggest a mood so I like to go through presets. I found my way into synthwave and followed that trail.

I just a graphic novel about David Bowie and how he was inspired by George Orwell and 1984 for one of his albums. This story about holding on to my dreams in the face of "reality" emerged. This has been on my mind lately - how to live my authentic life in a world where that can be difficult sometimes. I enjoyed playing the role of the individual hero and the creepy, Big Brother voice in this song.

Also fun to play a guitar solo :P


Will you stand face to face
With the hideous truth?
When your friends turn away
And pretend it’s all good
Will your run from yourself
And the secrets you keep
Are scars on your arms
Just a graveyard of dreams?

Sit down, stop sticking out
We gotta wash out that mouth
You’ve got that renegade look in your eye
We can fix that
With a little snip and
Everybody looking at what the cat dragged in

Go to sleep
There’s no dreaming here

Will you hold to your dreams
When they say that you’re crazy
They’re preaching the gospel
Of stars and of glory
Will you stand unafraid
As the tide crashes down
Will you die for a freedom
You found in yourself?

Blend in, don’t make a scene
Slot in the machine
We can fix you if you let us in
Just give in
We have your medicine
There’s no way to win against what is real, my friend

Go to sleep
There’s no dreaming here

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top class Nate, that is a killer guitar in fact the whole song is epic!

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Absolutely crushing it musically, Nate. Wow. In awe. And the lyric is spot on.

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That was fantastic. Really well done! It had a bit of everything that matters. Emotion. Narrative. Change. Variety of sounds. Fullness. Completeness. Skill.

Seriously, this track was awesome. I'm putting it in the recommendation thread. Smile

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Pop goodness! I like. Nice guitar work. I like that you added that to a synth tune. Gives it that cool, organic vibe. Super lyrics. I like that theme a lot. I literally just the other thought, how can I be more authentic?

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This has an old school r&b feel to it that I'm really digging.
Liking all the sounds you're using, including those super hard drums.
Great vocals as always is the case with you - just the right amount of fx on them all, too; nice mix.
Just a cool easy to listen to vibe here.
A head nodder, for sure.

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Applause!! Great music well matched to the lyrics. A neat well packaged pop song with searing guitar chops. Nate - it's a winner!

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Fantastic production! Love your voice and the rhythmic melody you've created. Cool guitar solo.

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Wow, this is cool! Glad I found it.
I love how creative Bowie was when creating his songs (use of the cut up technique, early random word generators, etc) and it's great that a story of how he was inspired to write a song helped you create this one.

Also, the mention of George Orwell and 1984 brought back memories for me. We watched the film in school, and I was traumatised by the scene with a rat ....

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Looooove the Orwellian vibes and jerkiness of the lyrics as it really creates that feeling of uncertainty in what comes next. Those choruses are superb. The whole *piece* is superb!

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This is really impressive pop that addresses interesting subject matter, and with memorable music happening all the time, all through the track. The chorus is such a belter. And the production sheen on it is quite incredible. Love it.

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‘Are scars on your arms / Just a graveyard of dreams?’ - that’s awesome!! This is really accessible pop rock underpinned by a very thoughtful and dark lyrics. Love it! Production is top notch too, and the solo is killer!

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Awesome song. Very strong, rocking, incredible to listen to. Very impressive. Brilliant singing and playing.