Free Now

Free Now

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Liner Notes: 

Off to a slow start. The music came first, then kind of a lightweight lyric.


I live my life
Best I can
I try to do no harm
live my life
Watching from afar

I'm free now
freer than I've ever been
I'm free now
livin' in sin

I live my life
With detachment
I’m in a bubble
Try to keep my head down
don’t want to cause
No trouble

I live my life
By remote
It’s all an extension
My focus
Not on you
I don’t need your attention

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The music has a Sebadoh feel somehow, which I really like. The tension in the chorus contrasts nicely with the free and easy verses. I think the straightforward lyrics suit the vibe of the music - you don't want to get all Swann's Way with this baby. But I don't think they are plain, or lightweight, necessarily.

It's really cool. Can't wait to hear more.

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This is a really wonderful song ..great instrumental playing, too, which really adds (the bass and that lead guitar in particular). I don't think of it as a lightweight lyric at all.. that 'im living my life underwater' is a great image, btw. Interesting third verse twist. nice work!

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Very nice mate! I like how you let the music breathe! I agree with Mike i think the lyric is fine. Great guitar as well! Very nice all round!

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I think it's a great start! Lots going on, but it all fits nicely. I don't think the lyric is at all lightweight. Smile

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Very understated but nicely done, Eric. And I'm going to agree with DD - lightweight is not what I would consider your lyrics. There is a bit heaviness here.

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Nicely done. I'm a fan of simple understated lyrics. These work for me. Good start...Look forward to hearing more.

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The music felt like being in a dream, but the lyrics feel real! Loved the instrumental after the chorus sections particularly. some beautiful lyrics too 'live mylife underwater' felt evocative and fit with the expansive feel of the guitars

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I like how easygoing this feels while the lyrics actually get deep. I particularly like the second verse and how you don't rush the instrumental sections. This evoked a "driving down the PCH with the top down after a long overdue break-up" feel for me.