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wiggly little tune ☆ i like how it turned out!!

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Makes me think of innocent cicadas making merry by whatever is best

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Loving the 8-bit wigglyness of this! Would fit perfectly in a video game. All of the elements fit together wonderfully. This is definitely a jam Smile

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If I remember correctly, I gushed tons over your music in the past.
If I haven't, allow me to do so now.
"wiggly" to describe a song as such and then have it song exactly that way... very cool.
Yes it is cute and wiggly and sparkly and buzzy all in the best of ways.
The staccato nature of the melody lines and bass, mixed with those right on time string/synth swells, all while that sparkly swirly crystal-like arp is ringing around...love it.
And just when you think the drums are going to finally come in for good and start a banger, they just show up to wave at everyone and then leave.
This was awesome.

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Now this is a cool find. All those little ins and outs with the synths and even with the drums (clever using them rather sparingly). Very nice arrangement.

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"Wiggly" is a perfect word for this! Dancing worms come to mind. I like the staccato bursts of synth and the overall innocence of the music. I could be happy in a universe like this!

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Definitely evokes bubblegum and bugs. What a happy sound!

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For some reason I’m picturing a tiny pixie playing this on a very tiny synth-sounding guitar. But odd mental images aside, this is tons of fun, and bouncy as all heck!

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You are one of my favorites on FAWM and 50/90. Everytime I see your songs come up I know they'll be good and this is why. I love the sounds here, such a great Electro piece with a very distinct nostalgic vibe. The composition is interesting and it was just a great track!

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A nice boingy, squishy sound to this. For some reason it kind of reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 or Sonic & Knuckles.
It isn't really like that though, the slowing down and speeding up etc is over and above anything like that.