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Liner Notes: 

i havent had a telephone in ten years, but before that i used the phone a lot and had several address books filled with numbers. but today i cannot recall a single telephone number, not mine nor any of the people i used to call. The only number that sticks with me is the number for time. and i might even have reversed the 8 and the 9 on that one. i was thinking about this and it brought to mind the hundreds of times my mother had called me.and how i rarely paid attention to what she had to say. sometimes i even set the receiver down, and picked it up every few minutes just to say yeah yeah yeah so she would think i was listening. you know what im getting at and the idea for this song is not an original one. when we lose our parents , most of us feel regret that we hadnt listened to them more. talked to them more. generally or just paid more attention to them. i cant remember her number, although i dialed it hundreds of times. and even if i knew the number, she wouldnt be there to answer. but time is always there, and time always answers your call.


me and my mom had the same disease
i couldnt come to see her
and she couldnt come to see me
everything that rocks
has its foundation in the blues
and if you saw mama kissing santa claus
you might have an oedipal complex too

TI5 8900
thats the only number i remember
TI4 8900
times the only number i want to call

mama used to call me on the phone
shed talk and talk and talk
and i wish i would have listened when she called
beause she aint gonna call me today
and id give the world for her number
but its too late
she doesnt have a number anyway

TI5 8900
thats the only number i remember
TI4 8900
times the only number i want to call

i never should have tried
to cast her demons out
because i never really knew
wha the devil was all about
until he laid his eggs
deep inside her brain
and the doctors had to saw off the top of her sku;;
trying to release the pain

TI5 8900
thats the only number i remember
TI4 8900
times the only number i want to c

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I can only remember one number my closest Uncle. His daughter still has it and its a long overseas number but i still dial it without thinking to this day. My Mum who i phoned weekly without fail and is long past - I have no idea her number or any other number! I I often used to go to the phone for months after her death as i always called on a sunday afternoon, then remembered she was gone. So I really get this one. We were pretty close. Great stuff mate full of emotion

Excellent lyrics, the tune brings the emotion and I like the ambience in the background. I thought it really added to the feel of this track.

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Heartfelt confession, that I like to be witness of. My parents are still alive, but you're here to remind me.. Playful and wistful music, the combination works very well.

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Original and very honest, The piano is great and the lyrics are fresh, wise and so full of sadness. The lines 'and id give the world for her number but its too late' are particularly moving.

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This cuts to the heart of things, and does so effectively and movingly. great vocal too, I can feel every line and it all flows and hits so well. Great job! I guess time is the only number that gets all of us in the end, too. (or something like that). This is a really strong song and a riveting listen.

That one beats "kat's inna kraddle", no problem, - good stuff.
- Yeah, mom used to write me on legal yellow, front and back Wink I still have'nt read'em all. It made her feel good to write it and only ever wondered if I kept them.

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Very relatable and moving emotional core with the interesting phone number hook and minimalist soundscape on top. “Time’s the only number I want to call” is a great line.

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Very moving performance of a great song. Got me thinking of my old mum too. If only we could go back and make one last call.

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Great performance. Really enjoyed this one a lot.

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Being a millennial I had no idea what TI4-8900 or calling the time means, I had to google it, very interesting. Anyway, I like the emotional content of these lyrics and the music too. It's so poignant and makes me not want to take my parents for granted.

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The liner notes are worthy of publication alone Bill and you hit on something so many of us can relate to and makes us stop and think if we could do better by our kin before time robs us of that chance...

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Strong, moving lyrics, and the performance and your voice are raw and honest. This really cuts deep. My mom is still alive but suffering from Alzheimer's and there is a lot that never got passed on that is now well out of reach.

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this paints such a vivid picture of that feeling, from the tender sadness to the brutal shock of the last verse. really strong song

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I like the emotional link of a phone number and a relationship. That’s a really good idea.

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This is weird and incredible. Devil laying his eggs in her brain, Oedipus, and the fact that there is something very rock & roll about a man singing out for his mother. I'm in love with this.