Pieces Are Fitting Together

Pieces Are Fitting Together

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Liner Notes: 

Finally dusting things off and getting started.

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good you are in! real Jazzy. Catchy head nodding - very listenable.

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nice groove and the keyboard part develops with style as the drum moves things along.

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There's some Detroit feel to some of those elec piano lines.
Nice bass and drum backing for the jazzy noodling; keeps the forward momentum and also keeps one's head bopping.
Old school sound to this. Just good ol jazzy/bluesy/soulful instrumental.
Nice listen.

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Good to hear you getting the engines going once again, Phil. Nice groove to this, glued firmly in place by the bass. It's always about the bass. Meanwhile the electric piano takes front of stage and the organ's right behind it as backup. That melody evokes so many classics—this is quite the nostalgia trip.

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Really excellent. love the bass line. but then I am biased.