My Rosalee

My Rosalee

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Liner Notes: 

This is my first collaboration of the season. McTown wrote these words, a lovely story, and asked me to make some music around them. I made very few changes for phrasing. I was channeling a bit if Neil (as suggested) and adding a bit of me in there. Thanks David.


Rosalee was a rouster, a rogue, and a thief
I saw her as an angel when she loved me
Met her in Memphis down in a bar on Beale
When we first got together Lord, I thought it was real

Ain’t that always the story
When the heart does the thinking
Ain’t that always the story
When love kicks off with drinking
Oh, I wish I was still loving My Rosalee
Oh, my...oh, me My Rosalee

Rosalee was a kisser, my love, and a drunk
And I hated my own heart the day we were done
She left out of Memphis with my money and my car
Left me right here in our bed with a big broken heart


Oh, my... oh, me My Rosalee (My Rosalee)
Now I didn’t even think about that car or money
But I sure felt a fool for thinking she loved me
Oh, my ….oh, me


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Cool. Nailed it. Thanks so much with working with me on it. David

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Nope - never a good thing when love kicks off with drinkin'. A familiar narrative but it has both of your influences at its nucleus. I'm diggin' that jangly guitar; very effective. It's fitting for a gal like Rosalee (hoo boy - she's something else). All kinds of killin', gents! I totally love this!

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Perfect pairing! When love starts off with drinkin, better to be left behind with a broken heart - lol!

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Wonderful story and imagery, compelling music and performance. Lovely collaboration, you two. Smile

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This is a wonderful collaboration! The lyrics drum up great imagery and you nailed the Neil Young vibe without sounding too much like him. I love those harmonies, they add a lot to the arrangement.

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What a delicious folk song - start to finish! So impressed with the fingerwork on the guitar. Perfectly fitting music to the lyrics. This collab was a match made in heaven. Both sides bringing much to the table!

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Recalls Willy Nelson and Neil Young in the best ways. Just saw you mention Uncle Neil as inspiration. Great playing as well. The lyrics fit the tone of the song so well.

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Great collaboration. Lyrics tell an engaging tale and the music and vocal phrasing compliment it perfectly. Well done.

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Great collab! Strong Neil Young vibes in the vocal and write - you nailed that - and really love the little banjo (?) embellishments. Story is great also, loved it!

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This is absolutely brilliant! Love that mysterious feeling country folk vibe which is perfect for the lyrics! I love all the descriptions and images as we get to know many dimensions of Rosalie. Wonderful paring of music and lyrics. Great sound, great song!