I know not what

I know not what

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Liner Notes: 

DD Sez:

@ductapeguy sent me the vox for this today (9 July 2021). I love what he came up with! Smile

UPDATE: 24 July 2021 - @Amanda Rose Riley has provided a fabulous and different take on this track. Go and give your ears a treat here: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/48482


Lyrics copyright - ductapeguy 2021

Vocals: [@ductapeguy]
Music: [@Dragondreams]


The eye of fire burns. The oceans are aflame
It’s the hottest summer on record yet once again
Sheeple fight for their right not to wear a mask
With no regard for others. Of their rights nobody asks

The twenty-first century is going to pot
What to do? I know not what!

They say that birds aren’t real, and vaccines are a plot
To control us by 5g and other whatnot
People in their millions cannot afford a home
While billionaires race for space, leaving us here alone.

The twenty-first century is going to pot
What to do? I know not what!

The twenty-first century is going to pot
What to do? I know not what!

With all the FUD and FAKE NEWs, one can easily despair
Find solace with all of the those who take the time to care
And remember that nothing is ever new underneath the sun
And the dawning of new days has already begun

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Nice track, screaming for some cool vocals. Goanna be a ripper.

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All kinds of a killer track, DD. I would love to get in on it but I have to sit out while I nurse a sore throat, a *bleep*-ing interface that won't sync up (this latency thing is driving me nuts), and some IT reports I have to complete. However, I'm all kinds of intrigued with what you've culled. Pants kickin' is what this is!

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This is dope. I can't believe I used dope as an adjective. I hear a detached David Byrne-ish shouty-talky-singy carnival barker delivery with a post apocalyptic kinda setting. Let me let it marinate. I may want to give this a go.

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I think it's the drums, but I'm getting a NIN vibe from this one. Is Trent free for an afternoon to pop in and do the vocals?
Just as an instrumental, this is most enjoyable.

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Holy crap, this is amazing! There is such a cool groove and it drives along so nicely. It kind of knocks on the door of aggressive but then says, "Nah, I'm too cool for aggression."

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Cool tune, I've been uninspired and haven't really done a rock song before, so I wouldn't mind toplining this. Not sure if someone's already done it, but I see you're open to multiple versions so maybe I'll give it a go.

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This is really wonderful- a great lyric and the music is engaging and really thrilling on every level- a simmering boil that keeps the listener right there

nice work all around!

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Nice collab, folks! Didn't hear this before the vocals were added, but they work so well, especially semi-spoken. The 21st century is going to pot. Sadly spot on.

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Ooh, nice lyric and very - and unfortunately - topical, with plenty of irony. Fits the 'punky quirky' music perfectly. Spot-on collaboration, you two. Smile

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This is a fun collab! The echo on "what" is perfect. Great music track, and words are timely.

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I love a good punk-a-pocalypse. Congrats on ending on an upside, many might not've been able to manage that!

Interesting how birds and billionaires seem to be warp and weft of a pervasive 50/90 fabric this year.

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Wow I agree to pot ! Great Song very fun nice collab

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Ace collab...lyrically very pertinent and musically top notch!

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Great guitar tone and riff. Reminds me a bit of Adrian Belew and also Talking Head (which is meant as a compliment!). Excellent driving groove that had me boppin' my head. Love the social commentary of the lyric!

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This is a collaboration formed in paradise. I hear the Talking Heads reference, but so much more. This pushes the 21'st century schizoid man into oblivion!

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I forgot, I had listened to this before (not till after mine was finished) but never commented. It's so interesting to hear two completely different toplines on the same track. Mine was a bit more pop punk I would say, and this is a more punky take overall with the political lyrics to boot. Cool sound and mood, nice topical song and some cool imagery in the lyrics too. And of course I like your underlying track or I wouldn't have made my own version of it!

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Great sounds, love all the echo fun stuff on the vocal.

Yes. The world is going to pot. In a handbasket. The hottest summer on record yet again, until next year.

I happily signed up for my 5G mind control microchip vaccine, so maybe I don't care how the world is going. They tell me everything's fine.

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Awesome! Big guitar sound, and the vocal/words are intense. In spite of the subject, this one sounds like it was fun to put together. And I like the glimpse of (sort of) hope at the end. Inspired collab!