Murder, Deadly, Bloody Murder

Murder, Deadly, Bloody Murder

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Liner Notes: 

All I'm saying is that in 12 seasons, why did nobody in authority wonder why a sleepy little town in Maine had a murder every week? And why did nobody notice that Jessica Fletcher was always somehow involved in the weekly murder? Just saying...


Murder- Deadly, Bloody Murder © Sean McGaughey July 4, 2021 5090 #2

G / C /
Cabot cove is a sleepy little village
G / D7 /
Much like any throughout the land
G / C /
But it suffers a weekly wicked murder
A / D7 /
Why none ask why, I can’t understand

Murder. Deadly, bloody Murder
D7 G-G7
Comes to Cabot Cove Every Sunday Night
A murder happens weekly
D7 G
And only Mrs. Fletcher knows why

G / C /
Mrs. Fletcher used to be a teacher
G / D7 /
She writes Who Dun it’s in her spare time
G / C /
And once a week she tells the police
A / D7 /
How she solved their weekly crime


Em Am
It seems like Mrs. Fletcher is always around
Em An
When another poor sod’s time comes to lay in the ground
Em An\
And nobody questions why Jessica is always near
Em D - D7
And how she knows just who to accuse year after year

Murder. Deadly, bloody Murder
Comes to Cabot Cove Every Thursday Night
Why did the murder, change it’s weekday?
Only CBS knows why

.. Why Does Mrs Fletcher always know why?

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Yup we always used to say, why would anyone live there! I think i here an album coming called Just one Take! . Nice one.

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using the traditional melodic sense of the depression area american troubador and the lexicon of the american murder ballad, you have made the character and events from a television program sound like a historic reality.

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What an upbeat song about murder! And this asks lots of important questions about the world Jessica Fletcher inhabits. Biggrin Lots of fun, and if anyone ever remakes Murder She Wrote, you've got my vote for this as the new theme song!

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You've posed a good question, friend. It's always the ones you least expect - so they say. And I think I'm going to try and develop the habit of telling myself that one take is all it takes...especially during skirmishes. Fun, witty little ditty you've composed.

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The UK series "Midsummer Murders" suffers from exactly the same problem. Let's hope Mrs Fletcher never goes there for a holiday; it'd be carnage.

Huge fun. I have yet to see the episode that featured Linda Hamilton and Bryan Cranston (yes, really) as a couple mixed up in nefarious goings-on...

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Having watched a few episodes of this show, and the one HFO references, this one tickled me. Wink
A fun take on a perplexing riddle.

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yup spot on. great little ditty on a fun observation, i love the twist!

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Fun, spirited, clever! I dig the bright strumming. And I remember that show from when it originally aired!

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Excellent, both the observation and treatment.

(Though, to be fair, Cabot Cove got a break on weeks when she was visiting some other place. Smile )

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Maybe Mrs. Fletcher is really Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd)?!! Thanks for your fun song. I used to love watching that show.

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One *does* wonder about such things (my parents watched MSW faithfully when I was younger) and yeah, I think there is something dark lurking in Mrs. Fletcher's past...


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Sleepy? You are sure the little village isn't drugged? I guess Mrs Fletcher will be last inhabitant remaining. But to solve this murder mystery, hey, you must give more clues!

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Gosh, my father used to watch this show all the time.
He had hearing issues as well, so my memory of Jessica Fletcher is sitting in my dad's living room listening to endless reruns of "Murder She Wrote" at ear-splitting volume.
And yeah, all those cops seemed pretty incompetent, right?
I always thought she was an annoying busybody, myself.
Like, mind your own business.
This is by far the best happy little ukulele tune about an elderly mass murderer I've ever heard.
Made me smile.

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I noticed Midsomer Murders mentioned and that immediately pop to mind for me also. This is a fun tune with some wickedly lovely lyrics. I love a good murder mystery and this brings a sense of fun to it. Nice one, enjoyed the listen.

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yes, wickedly wonderful! what a great idea and the production and vibe is perfect for this song.. That Mrs Fletcher knows something mere mortals don't, I think! what a fun listen!

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Lots of fun, and I really enjoyed "murder, deadly bloody murder" being such a catchy hook!

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Ha! The scribe getting a little too literal with the research. Old school construction and delivery makes this a qualified "ditty". Entertaining and intriguing idea. Enjoyed.
Thanks for your kind words on my #3! Much appreciated.

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Such a happy little tune about death. The nod to CBS knowing why the time slot changed made me smile. Funny!

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This is super fun! Relevant story: One time my wife and I came home to find that our cat had turned on the TV and was watching Murder She Wrote. I feel like she would like this song too.