My Hymn to the Morning

My Hymn to the Morning

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Liner Notes: 

First song, in Spanish and English.


Esto es mi himno a la manana
Mi himno sencilla a la manana
Quiero compartir mi oracion
Esto es mi himno a la manana

This is my hymn to the morning
My simple ode to the morning
This is my prayer I want to share
This is my hymn to the morning

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Cute cute cute! Gotta love the stripped back Uke and vox combo. Something about this made me think of my morning meditation before yoga practise. Great start Chip!

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A ukulele song in Spanish and English! That's a great start. It's very sweet and I like the mix of picking and strumming. Gracias por compartir tu cancion.

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i would like to hear the mariachi band play something like this on one of our noisy mornings., something to summon a tranquil day into being.

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Delicate and lovely, and a wonderful interlude on this lazy Sunday. I think it would be great to listen to on my morning walks!

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Very simple but very pleasant. I pictured myself on the beach in Mexico or Spain while the sun crests over the horizon. Wonderful tune!

Nice tune, it has a warm feeling and the Spanish English mix makes it stand out. Well done!