Think I'll Write a Song

Think I'll Write a Song

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Liner Notes: 

First song.
It's a song.
Happy 5090.


Think I’ll Write a Song © Sean McGaughey July 4, 2021 5090 #1

Think I'll write a song

One that makes me happy
Doesn't have to mean anything
Doesn't have to rhyme
A moment of beauty
like a hummingbird passing
You don't have to like it
This moment is mine

Think I'll bake some bread

feed my family with my two hands,

Watch flour, salt and water

Transmute before my eyes

There is healing in the kneading

I slow to baker's rhythm

Take some time to rest

Let the sleeping dough rise.


Doesn't have to make you famous

Don't need a business plan

That which feeds the soul

Will keep you whole

I've come to understand

Think I'll take a walk

Listen to the wisdom

of the whispering trees

Feel my feet in the sand

Maybe spy some wildlife,

shepherding their babies,

You're here to share the magic

Walking hand in hand.

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Healing in the kneading is a great line. I like the double meaning. And I like how you tie in the song and the bread with the "feed the soul" line in the chorus.

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Just wonderful. Insightful and made me feel good too!

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A lovely meditation on the power of the things which we do just for the love of them.

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Well delivered, thoughtful song that I found quite inspiring. Thank you.

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Nicely done Sean, its really good and yeah one take is all it takes! Some really good lines in there!

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Great start Sean. I really like "watch the sleeping dough rise". Good one!

natrin's picture

One take is all it takes! "That which feeds the soul will keep you whole" is a great line. Great work.

Gwyn Jones's picture

A paen to the joys and healing powers of songwriting and music on!

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Lovely words and presentation. The chorus was full of wisdom. Great openning song. Feed the soul!

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This is really great! Some wonderful lines in this. That which feeds the soul will keep you whole in particular.

Ballsy with the one take is all it takes Biggrin I one take just about everything, but as soon as I was to declare those intentions I'd hit a totally sour chord right out of the gate, or my chair would break and I'd be on the floor or something Biggrin

Great stuff!

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Oh yes, let's all let the pressure off. Nice melody behind it all, makes it all fit together.

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There are some great gems (turn of phrases) layered in this song. My favorite is "healing in the kneading" - absolutely brilliant. Your song exemplifies that simplicity can be all that's needed. One take is all it takes: could be good, could be bad - but at least there is effort, searching and discovery.

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Very lovely pastoral feel ... and you hit upon the three most amazing things in life (family, nature, music). Gentle and nice on the ears!

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If there's one thing that lockdown has taught me, it's just how satisfying something as simple as baking bread can be. And ain't "slowing to baker's rhythm" just the greatest thing ever? I love this!

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I'm a sucker for meta-songs and this is one of my favorites. The chorus captures the 'why' of this, and I love the simple pleasures listed in the verses. Wonderful start to 50/90!

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I have been listening to styles this summer. It is nice to listen to the easy pace and timing of performers who know what they are doing I always learn something from your songs. Hope you are having a rejuvenating summer holiday.