jesus Shooting Heros

jesus Shooting Heros

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Liner Notes: 

If link above not working:

Well, dzd, from when with TFL had some lyrics he wanted used, re-used, recycled (?).
- So, I saw their video and etc., and felt inspired.

The complex nature of what I heard in my head, well, I'm still working on it; but, here it is so far.

Additionally, the video I popped together does not seem to fit, so, leaving that off, for now, or until something feels, "more right" for it. Apparently they got dinged a bit for this song, never meant as negative; me too. And so, the "j" is lower case. The video referenced the "christian mafia", so to speak, but, that is complex. So, maybe the music does not stand on it's own, - but that video wasn't helping either Smile hahhh... (gotta serve the song, or be removed, - correct!).

Also, I was unsure what to title it even, "Always Something Missing, (jesus Shooing Heros)" and etc., kept changing. Titles matter, sometimes, here it seemed to, so, now, for now, just calling it, "jesus Shooting Heros".

One of the "weird" things is, the mix, was quite a sonic mess, and finally got the Schizophrenic feel of it somewhat corralled. However, when very slight changes are made, it makes a difference in this mix. So, that's gonna take a while, or may just stay the same. I'm thinking, it's more of a "live" song, than a "Record".


- See the track for further

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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The sonic texture does get the mood across for sure. It can be hard to judge the mix of new music. Our understand of the lyrics depends on familiarity far more than we realize sometimes I think. Why these kinds of sites are good with lyric posting. But yeah if you want to hear lyrics clearly against that kind of found sound it can be hard to do.

Your cadence of
"I find their jesús sitt'n and just
Am c Em b
Shoot'n other heros, ..."
is really compelling.

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your two voices sound really good together here. the vocal mix is just high enough to be able to follow the song lyrically while enjoying the experimentation surrounding them.

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Yup very Usta but also different! I could follow it fine. I like this style!

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Putting the understated media clips as the background works with the music and your vocal delivery beautifully. A very creative and awesome start!

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I found this oddly uncomfortable at first, then it settled into my ears as I continued listening. There is so much going on, but it never seems to get out of control. I started off not really liking it. By the end, I had to listen again. Biggrin

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I love you you create such a thought provoking amazing work with the combination and juxtaposition of the audio clips, a lovely flowing melody and lyrics, and the musical layers - it works brilliantly and draws me totally in

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Cody, lyrics are good! I can hear where ustaknwo is trying to go sonically, I think it will work well but it'll need a lot more production and clarity to keep the found media swirling and the sudden riffs not overwhelming. a lot of it is mix n remix n remix n etc I guess. Worth perservering IMNSHO!

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I love the chaos of all the vocals swirling around. You have to almost choose what to listen to, but then you worry you'll miss something important if you ocncentrate too much on just one part. A real sonic and intellectual exercise! Sounds awesome in headphones. Great lyrics & an emotional performance.

See You In The Shadows…

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Really love how this turned out. For one I agree that it seems to almost be more of a live thing than to ever get it across recorded perhaps, but you really knocked this out! I agree with Tim about maybe some subtle mix tweaks here and there might help even really tamper some of that chaos without losing it as I feel its a pretty integral part of this, but then where? and what? hahah I can pinpoint any certain things, but then then uneasy, uncomfortable feel of it also makes it really special.

I think stands alone as a piece of music, but yeah a video could also be really great. It could possibly even lead to other mixes.......extra chaotic video, can maybe lower some of the sampled stuff in the mix and still get the same effect. One of those I'm more than happy to drink a beer and watch you work on hahah.

edit: just read dragondreams comment, I basically knew what was coming and it had that same effect on me Biggrin

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You've been busy!

And I second what Paul said. Thinning out the mix as the song progresses was definitely a good choice; it's all a bit overwhelming at the beginning (and although the lyrics point things in that direction for the production, it's always worth thinking about how hard you want to make the listener work to get the message. Remember to be kind to your audience, folks.) I'd kick the news down a fair bit as soon as the lyrics start, and pan the samples further to the sides to make things easier to assimilate.

Nodding in agreement at the lyrics. Reminds me of the dude who visited his relatives somewhere in the US to discover that the picture of Jesus they had in their bathroom was actually a photograph of Ewan MacGregor in costume as Obi-Wan Kenobi...

Love the sparrows at the end.

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Really enjoyed this. A weird, swirling event wit a lot going on, but still keeps you focused on the lyrics. Very cool.

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Sounds like several trippy songs going on at once! Definitely a Skip Spence Oar-type feel. A really cool psychedelic wash of sound, and "Stupid thoughts trickle out the back of my brain" is a killer line!

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This is wonderful. "Shit falls down like rain” is probably my new favorite line. Love that low tone electric lead guitar and the vocals are just perfect. Super, both of you.

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Like this song. Get me thinking about the ongoing opiod wave, the shortening of US life expectancy and the political radicalization and commercialization of religion. Much despair going on there! A 19:th century creature like myself feels totally at home.

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This so incredibly creative. I loved the lyrics and different layers and also, it makes you think, a good thing! Smile

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Lyrically you have taken a version of religion, and made it surreal to the point of true alternative folk. Like some others, the start didn't seem right to my ears. But then it started making more sense as the sonic swirl took off. And by the end of the song, I enjoyed my listen. However, I would love to hear where you go with this.

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How did I let a song with a title like this get by me for so long?!! It's interesting you got "dinged" for the song. Who "dinged" you?

I wrote a song last 50/90 called "Would Jesus Have A Beer With Me?" I like a little "edgy" stuff--like these lyrics.

Love the psychedlia here! Nice collab!!

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Marc bolano maybe in a way? It sits very well in me headphones. With a tinge of Mano Chao, yeah, well

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Very cool, has a nice mix of sounds and all the extras in the background give it some good texture.