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Liner Notes: 

Clearing out all Chordbot ramblings. Wiping all half finished work from all electronic devices ready to start afresh.

This is dated August 2nd on my phone. Chord progression from somewhere, midi file sent to laptop for processing in reason.

Spent about 4 hours knocking it into this shape.

I'm sure I had lyrics for this, hence the title, I can't seem to find them now.



Music by M.M.Scullion ©2020

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Mmmmm, I am really digging the lush, soundscape of this. Lots and lots of layers to dive through. I can hear shades of Jean-Michel Jarre here, but those thumping snare hits give this much more of an aggressive edge which not only supports the title, it also really works musically. The EP coda was a surprise, but most welcome.

Downloaded this one!

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I like this, too. Good rhythm, good arrangement. It's an interesting thought experiment to think of what your lyric might have been like/about. And that coda was cool. With the bass coming in toward the end of the song it almost feels as if it was a launching point for a new direction instead of an ending.