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Liner Notes: 

Sometimes there are moments when you think you have it all together and then things pop in your mind that you're not really sure where the thoughts are coming from. There are illusions, shifting shadows; impressions that I tend to wrestle with. I want things to be congruent, true and right. But more times than not I don't get what I want (but then again who does). The song itself if fictitious, but it's not to say I haven't experience the sentiment.

How I did it:
Recorded with Studio One 3
Yamaha S03 - organ
Schecter Studio 4 bass
Programmed drums - Vital Drums
Guitars - ADSR guitar pack
Vocals - CTS


U wake up sometimes
With a peace of mind
Eyes wide open
2 the bright sunshine

U've got friends that love U
U've got cash 2 spend
There's no hate around U
Or so U pretend


What U feel is empty
And no 1 else can see
U can try and tell them
But they won't believe

The sunshine is darkness
The peace is at war
Your eyes so blinded
And hope is no more

Do they really love U
Do they really care
When they say they're down 4 ya -
R they really there
All there is empty
All there is, is void
All U want is silence from all the noise


U're so empty
U're so empty
U're so empty inside

U're so empty
U're so empty
Everyday U just cry

U're so empty
U're so empty
U're so empty inside
U're so empty
So completely
Maybe it's time that U die



2020 The Jelly Factory!

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A gloriously anti-pop song. Hoo boy, this doesn't mince words. Those lines "The sunshine is darkness / The peace is at war" are positively Orwellian in nature (in the novel 1984, the Ministry of Truth's motto was "war is peace / freedom is slavery / ignorance is strength") and all-too-relevant for these times. Disturbing lyrics yet they're all delivered with a funky, upbeat production that's really slick (I'm loving that Yamaha Organ.) Nicely subversive!

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Very cool production, the organ and vocals and guitar really stand out. The lyrics are very strong and thought provoking.

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Big contrast of the hymn-like rock music and the tone of the lyrics. It's hard to experience this sentiment. I can relate.

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Catchy alt-pop feel, with lots of substance behind the words. The repetition of "you're so empty" really drives the sentiment home, and is all too relatable.

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Pretty harsh and raw! I love it! It's very pop-y and fun. The production is amazing. You are a very good producer. The ADSR guitar sounded amazing.