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Technicolor Gramophone Records: Kalani/Kolini

Liner Notes: 

With so much time indoors, I've fallen into bad habits and gotten myself hooked on "90 Day Fiance," a reality TV show.


Kalani, Kolini
very pretty
black tresses
red dresses
no one messes
with them or their dad
- he's a big lad! -
he will whoop your ass

a mommy
the lovely
and sometimes
Kalani's babysitter

Those island eyes
a lot
their big bosoms
heave and then some
and isn't
Asuelu a dick?
gonna get his ass kicked
by Low Faagata
Low from Samoa

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nice one to finish! good 50/90 for you! thx for your support as well! will talk to you later about pinching another song for the podcast

wobbie wobbit's picture

this was very mesmerising. i liked how the vocal lines weaved with each other and the consistent gentle guitar picking was lovely. very nice. i don't know the show but you capture the headspace of tuning into reality shows brilliantly. very enjoyable listen

Roddy's picture

Great playing and singing and a lovely sound from the uke. Intruging lyrics.