Final Century

Final Century

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Liner Notes: 

WARNING: This finale cracks the nine & a half minute mark. Be sure to allot the proper amount of time for a listen.

Well, in the words of Jim Morrison: "This is the end//Beautiful friend//This is the end//My only friend, the end" And so, with heavy heart, I say adieu to 50-90 2020 (or as I've been marking in my files & Metadata: 50-90 MMXX). Hopefully this won't be the last song of the year (tho, my Muse may be ready to switch gears after writing/recording almost 200 songs since the start of February), but we will have to see.

You might notice that I've numbered this one, track # 101 (if you look at the ID3 Metadata for the track). That's because I recorded a song that was a bit of a warm-up when I first got home from work this afternoon. But I really didn't like the result. So I hit record in Buzz a second time & recorded Final Century. This is my Strat, live-to-tape with no overdubs in post (tho, I did cut a small bit o'silence out of the middle of the track where I sort of screwed up, so it's "almost" live-to-tape"). I have to say, this song contains probably my favourite guitar solo I've ever played/written/recorded. I'm quite impressed with it (tho, it too, has a few minor mistakes ). Maybe I'm getting better at this "Lead Guitar" thing after all these years…

Anyway, now that I'm done 50-90, I might do some Rocktober covers ( I started a list the other day) & I certainly have to catch up on listening to my Watchlist, so expect more comments from me in the not-so-distant future. Thank you to everyone for your great comments & your support. A big thanks to my collaborators (@Fuzzy, @dzd, @ustaknow & @mojo the cat - with a special thanks to @Joanne Gabriel for letting me collab with the late-great Cat Father of Catcore all those years ago & for letting me use his wonderful vocal again!). I look forward to more conversations, more music & probably some more collabs in the the future. Until next time…

Rok on! (As we Jeskola Buzz users spell it Wink )

See You In The Shadows…

Gear List
Fender Deluxe Stratocaster
Beige Cread Tag marked "June 5" as Plectorum (I knew I had to use a Bread Tag on this last song, especially for @dzd Biggrin )
DigiTech Grunge Pedal
Behringer UMC404HD Audio Interface
Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller
Candle's "Live" Jeskola Buzz Setup

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Bread tag plectrum for the win!

Enjoyed this -- and congrats on the double-win in 50/90!

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Well *of course" I'm going to listen to something with those tags in its entirety! I like the way the builds up, layer by layer, into a wall of sound. Strat sounding very good - although this does get very harsh in the mids in places; a bit of judicious cutting with eq would help. The closing section is particularly sweet, though. Nice one!

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Yup!!!!!! plect o' the bread for the win for sure!! Biggrin I did play with some twisty ties on my shovel thing.......just wrapped around and dangled a bunch stripped of the paper off the drone was "interesting" I think I'll eventually sacrifice my tambourine to the cause, or find something a little more jangly(drone strings in triplets off the drone string perhaps?) I dunno Biggrin

oh that lead line is sweet!!!!! blends especially great with that amazing wall of sound that got built up around it, man you really went out with a bang on this one!!!! great last 50/90 tune!!!!!! I'm going to have to listen to this again while I go do dishes! It sure didn't feel that long Biggrin Really epically amazing number 100!!!!!

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Nice out the gate touch to this, the distortion hits hard and has some great intensity.