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Liner Notes: 

Most certainly, my last in the "Lyrics At Work Series". It was a crazy day at work so I only got a few lines written. It is what it is. Maybe I can expand on it after 50-90, we'll just have to see.

I'm hoping to record 1 more song, that will put me at 100 for 50-90 this year - so stay tuned!

See You In The Shadows…



Another distopia distilled
Agreements broken & butchered
Trauma trauma trauma
Victorious against the apathetic

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I actually really like this short and sweet little thing as it sits........sure yeah it could always use some more, but would be a nice little vocal snippet stuffed into anything Biggrin Really like that distopia distilled Biggrin

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Cool, could see you repeat this stanza set a few times against a backdrop of sounds.