Lost September 2

Lost September 2

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Liner Notes: 

And another lost September instrumental. This one was going somewhere then decided not to. Do I remember doing it? No...

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I love the somewhat melancholy feel and gentle flow and movement ... their is a very peaceful and reflective quality that invites introspection. Gorgeous touch on the keys!

Sound different than Sept 1... if matters ? probably not. Anyway, it's a keys only piece... Smile hahhh, bet your glad! But, great, nonetheless.

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Really lovely piano piece. Musical wandering is good for the soul. There’s a very cool bass line hook in here.

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If I had to explain with music how I'm feeling this evening, this would be the perfect tune. Sort of just sitting down and taking a breather. Contemplating, and then even letting go of that. There's an underlying sense of wanting to move forward, but the energy for action isn't there. And in the end, you have to force yourself up and do what it takes. But is it the right direction? Maybe we're more just watching what happens.