Overnight Radio

Overnight Radio

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Liner Notes: 

i Love listening to overnight radio presenter Jim Davis... check him out on BBC radio london overnight on friday and saturday nights. this is based on him and my nightime company.

Thank you so much to @headfirstonly for Getting It as usual. I think there is an niche for you.

WW: lyrics music
HFO: Rick Lister, lyrics

Chris says:
Does a career in local radio beckon?
Anyone want to make me an offer?
I have an endorser in the profession...


ooh i like rick lister

i find his voice so calming
he's always so disarming
utterly charming

all walks of life
he puts himself in their shoes
from humorous topics
to serious issues

his tone soothes me
his empathy moves me
he's so kind

i know her she's another regular
just called in about nothing in particular
greeted with a genuine warmth and care

i know this one her name's Penelope
it's like eavesdropping on her therapy
amd neither of them really seem to mind

his tone soothes me
his empathy moves me
he's so kind

here's that bloke making an appearance
shares his burden as he tells of his experience

comforting the sad with conversation
shared across the entire nation

his tone soothes me
his empathy moves me
he's so kind

sometimes there are glitches
technical hitches
but he's fine

oh here he is that opinionated pig
every time he calls in he has to have a dig

his tone soothes me
his empathy moves me
he's so kind

hm well said Rick Lister

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very good idea and well delivered! what a radio voice! nice collab you guys!

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I love it. I like the great mixing of the voice (hope you've sent it to him). I love the drums sounding really BIG and real. I like the delivery and its all really tight - and of course the lyrics are brill. Funny, and also cool. Podcast material? I'd listen in -or a Radio 4 series?????

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This is utterly lovely!
It's quirky, witty, and oh so gentle. The slightly chaotic drums add so much magic and charm. And Chris, I expect to hear you on national radio before the end of next year!
You two have done it again for me. You are a force of nature. Smile

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Utterly brilliant. Reminded me of those late night radio talk shows. Great collaboration.

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Another great piece of listening pleasure...thoroughly enjoyed it! P.S I rather like Dotun Adebayo too...

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This is really wonderful! A delicious treat of listening pleasure and it so so cool that Jim Davis himself commented on it! Really delightful commentary and musical backdrop!

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I can only echo what others have already pointed out - this a brilliant piece. It's whimsical and fun; definitely had me smiling the whole listen. And yes, sometimes all we do need is compassion. I totally dig it!

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This is very good. Clever and original. I really like this.

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This has an early Pink Floyd vibe to it. STRONG PF vibe.

Really fun song. I don't remember hearing anything like this! All the quacky characters calling in. All wrapped in an ode to a personality. Wonderful!

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What a charming collab, both of you making delightful contributions!

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Very creative and charming! I loved hearing this on HFO twitch.tv. Excellent collab!

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This is just wonderful! Charming and calming in its own way. Reminds me of some call-in shows here in the U.S. as well. I love it.

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I'm taking notes for future conversations with my wife. I can probably nail the empathetic patter, but that sexy radio voice is out of reach for me. Anyway, this is delightful in every respect, a genuinely funny and moving piece of of work.