That's About Us

That's About Us

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Liner Notes: 

Having worked all of my 50 percent of 50, I realised that if all this stuff above was in a set list, then it might, just maybe need a little encore to send people on their way.


That's About Us

Well, that's about us,
Thanks for tonight
Don't forget the merchandise
Off to your right

Thanks for not laughing
When the mixing desk fused
Thanks for not calling for
That first song I mused

Remember if you're thinking of driving
Don't be so dramatic
If you've had too many drinks
Stick to automatics

But you shouldn't drive home anyway
If can possibly stay
Don't leave the bar-staff all alone
They've all got bills to pay

Well... that's about us
The schedule's so tight
Don't forget the merchandise
Off to your right

This might be your last show
Right here tonight...

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I definitely hear this as a last song on the set list or the encore. Pretty straight forward and cheeky (but the merch has to be sold, right?). That last section though...a bit on the foreboding. Maybe this song is actually a cautionary tale?