Incandescent Soul

Incandescent Soul

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Liner Notes: 

More noodling on the guitar from the other day. A slow build that goes to interesting places, IMHO. I might be cramming a bit, but then we might all be doing that right now. I'm hoping to get a few more songs posted before 50-90 over. But, we'll see how that goes.

See You In The Shadows…

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demo didn't play, but could just be my internet it's spotty at the best of times Biggrin I'll check back later.

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Yup was probably just my internet...........and damnit tried to reply to comment and it cut me off Biggrin it was really getting to some interesting places Biggrin will give it another listen!

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yeah that built in a totally unexpected diretion.........from just a really relaxing ambience to a skittering cricket jamboree!!! hahah really excellent stuff, that was quite chaotic and very enjoyable!

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It does start off very calming but I don't think it loses that calming effect. The instrumentation starts to get busier after the 2:00 minute mark but it's still engaging.

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love the ominous start. sounds like an underscore for a very trippy movie. in black and white in my mind, photographic

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Looping layers on this give it some good motion and the guitar tone allows for them to be heard well.

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I think this has a sitar-esque tone, and as a result it feels a little bit eastern. But maybe that's just in my addled brain. Regardless, it was fun listening to some "noodling" that was more interesting than the typical riffing over a I IV V.