50/90's Done

50/90's Done

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Liner Notes: 

Hey everyone,
Even though I know it's at that point in 50/90 where maybe 1-2 people at most will see/hear this track, this is my traditional farewell.

Thanks to all of you who make 50/90 such a great community. With this, my 128th song for 50/90 this year I have done far more than I ever expected to (or indeed ever personally have, before!)

See some of you in Rocktober, and others in FAWM, and some of you next year at 50/90, Lord willin' and the creeks don't rise.

-Alex the metalfoot


One last song
One last tune
One last chance
To sit and croon

The hour's come
The time is nigh
For us to all
Say goodbye

Till we meet again

One last note
Ere I go
I've enjoyed
It all, you know

The hour's come
The time is here
For us to all
Give a cheer

50/90's done

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Perfect 5090 farewell song. Love that chord progression - perfect on the uke. You had a great 5090! Impressive body of work! Loved your travel series and your collabs and your elements in particular!

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A sweet and fitting farewell to 50/90. Despite all the craziness of this year, it was indeed a fun summer of songwriting! I'm glad we got to collab, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again next year. Smile

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What a great way to sign off your 5090 for 2020. And thank you to for all your comments and listening over the past couple of months. We must do a collaboration next time.
Take care, Jason

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Perfect farewell. I love all the aside-shoutouts! Well done on an impressive number of songs! Thank you for all your encouragement and commenting!

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It's a time that I honestly hate to see come, but like you said, Lord willing and the creeks don't rise we'll be together again soon. Thanks for sharing all of your music with us, Alex. You are one of the best, my friend. God bless and looking forward to more time for working together.

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Beautiful happy song Alex. Congratulations with so many amazing songs!

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A lovely farewell. Congratulations and thanks again for the collab! See you during Rocktober. Smile

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Aw man, I'm feeling quite sentimental now. Good times and great people.