Feeling Pretty Unimportant

Feeling Pretty Unimportant

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Liner Notes: 

Another WIP that I needed to finish 50/90ish anyway and let go. All I had was a verse and chorus and was thinking of combining with my next song idea. However, this seemed to stand on its own and fit for weird chords by using standard shapes up the neck in DADGAD tuning.


Feeling Pretty Unimportant
DADGAD tuning chords: Dm7add11(C/GII) - 554o3o; G2addb5(Aadd11) - 54ooo5; [D6(F)] - ooo454; D4(open) - oooooo

Verse 1
[Dm7add11(C/GII)] Yesterdays responsibilities [G2addb5(Aadd11)]
[Dm7add11(C/GII)] Have dissipated into [G2addb5(Aadd11)] nothingness
[D6(F)] Drifted from authority
[Dm7add11(C/GII)] From having plenty to [G2addb5(Aadd11)] living with far less

[D26(A)] Feeling pretty unimportant
[D4(open)] Lost my sense of purpose
[D26(A)] Peeking between the rail from my pasture
[D4(open)] Feeling pretty useless

Verse 2
[Dm7add11(C/GII)] Guess it was being called when [G2addb5(Aadd11)]somebody wanted something
[Dm7add11(C/GII)] Not just because they wanted [G2addb5(Aadd11)] to talk to me
[D6(F)] Guess it was when I had enough freedom and the means
[Dm7add11(C/GII)] To see whatever I wanted to see and [G2addb5(Aadd11)] be whatever I wanted to be

Repeat Chorus

[D5(A2VII] Used to like to go to the vegan cafe
[D4(A2VII] Leave a big tip almost every day
[D5(A2VII] Tom smiled and said I was a top ten customer
[D4(A2VII] Now I just exist here and stare
[D5(A2VII] Watching the sun always rise and set
[D4(A2VII] All this was less than a year ago I guess
[D4(open)] Still I can’t forget
Still I won’t regret the decision I made
Choosing values over how much I would get paid

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I know the feeling... but good for you to choose values over money.

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This has a oool chord progression and the lyrics are relatable in ways. Pride, money... what's it worth in the end? I mostly value a simple life and being honest to myself these days. I got a bit dizzy listening to this.

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Super trippy and I can relate to the lyrics and sentiment. One day you're doing pretty well, and the next day you realize you were fooling yourself and you are completely invisible. I've felt that.