Help Me Please

Help Me Please

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Liner Notes: 

The real version of song with lyrics that are undeveloped.

I got the song from the bass line in my head.
it was a slow sad number, but as I've worked on the music, it has developed into what I think as quite an upbeat positive number. What with the electro pop version distracting me and now the lyrics and how I now perceive them in my head, I will have to sing this high. quite a scary prospect.


Help Me Please

Music and Lyrics by M.M.Scullion ©2020

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Great track. Very upbeat and poppy. The FM synthesis chimes and bells give this a distinctly 80s feel, and I'd even go further and say that this sounds like an out take from one of U2's albums from back then. The bass in particular has a very Adam Clayton-ish vibe. But because so much of the track is in the high mids (and even the highs) I'd say go low with the vocals. You'll get much more contrast that way, I reckon.