Small beers

Small beers

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Liner Notes: 

So you got to 40 and it's "what was all that"?
Hit 50, which I won't in the context of this challenge, and it's "oh... I see, sorry".
This kind of thinking was inspired by Robert Earle Keane's "Paint The Town Beige" - a brilliant song which follows me around town sometimes.
It's written to be pretty loose with a harmony. I wanted it to allow the singer to work the pauses.


Turning a blind eye,
I’m half-hearted
(Working part-time,
most of the time)
But right here in my mind’s eye
Well, I’ve just started

(Another sign,
closes in on the line)

Those silver mornings?
Shades of vanity unstacked

(Maybe it’s just that cask wine...)

Made of quiet insanity,
or vanity left untracked...

These days I have everything
Well, everything that ends in an “itis”
Those old nights? They’re not mine to sing
Might as well be souvenir lighters

Another medicine,
More pills and more tonic
Life comes in, life goes out
(Seems so slow...)
Then the acute bleeds out to the chronic

Small beers
One hand tied behind my back
Small beers
I’ll settle for a three-pack

Mid-strength beers
used to be full-strength
Useful tears
went to a great length

To get exactly what I wanted

I was always walking out,
Never the brake but rather throttles
Now my tears come
Delivered every week
Prescribed in small plastic bottles

Prescription’ s now my favourite word
Movement’s more restricted
I’d love to be able to walk out again,
This was nothing like I’d pictured

Small beers
One hand tied behind my back
Small beers
I’m buying myself a three-pack

Third gear
No sugar
Low salt
Still here

One hand tied behind my back
I’ll have another three pack.

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