Let’s pretend it is Christmas

Let’s pretend it is Christmas

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Let’s pretend it is Christmas-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire


Liner Notes: 

themes you will recognize....So this is Christmas and what have you done?
We wish you a merry Christmas.
Bill's lyrics are so amazing. Not sure I did it justice but what I do know that the song must sound more frayed than others because it is the lyrics that speak to that theme.


Let’s pretend it is Christmas
Bill White

We didn't have much of a summer
No Saturdays in the park
No Sundays in the sand
The waves are still breaking
But there was nothing for the taking
And the plague is still blowing across the land

But take out the tinsel and trim the tree
Sing all the songs of holiday glee
Mama and papa and baby makes three
Let’s not be listless
Let’s pretend it is Christmas

As the crisp air of autumn arrives
There are no back to school sales
No harvest fairs
No baseball, no races, no Independence parades
We stay in our homes as memories fade
And we walk in the dark to the top of the stairs

But tonight let the angels convene
Clear off the mantle for a nativity scene
Though it’s not yet thanksgiving, let’s give thanks
Let us be fearless
Let’s pretend it is Christmas

Some people go bravely to the front of the lines
While others despair behind closed doors
And number their own numbered days
The streets are getting thinner
It seems there are more losers than winners
And all that we lived for is passing away

But raise up the brave mistletoe
And we'll kiss in the silence below
And listen for sleigh bells above
This figgy pudding is downright delicious
Today....it is almost like Christmas

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Oh how wonderful you two! I think we all need to pretend it's Christmas! Amazing!

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thank you for a beautiful job marthie. could you change my name to billwhite51. the song doesnt post to me as bill white.