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a voice dances like a blowing reed
like a chickadee, "Hey, sweetie"
just like a river whispers
or plundering roses
wind before the storm
leaves in the snow
like bad stars
I'm yours

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Love your word choices in this. "Like bad stars" is a superb line, and it all really suits the lacadaisical strum-and-murmur delivery. Brilliant.

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Great use of the nonet form here! Wonderful imagery throughout.

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Yeah, welcome to the nonet club! Beautiful imagery in these lyrics, and I love the mellow guitar, interesting chords, and where you take the melody in the second half.

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This is a great nonet - tonally reminding me of a formal haiku in its use of seasons and nature. But it's also a fine song. The smoky, laid-back production really suits your voice down to the ground.

I'm really chuffed how folks have picked up the nonet challenge and run with it. The results have been really, really fun to listen to and I love how everyone has taken the form in different directions.

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This is really lovely! An excellent take on the nonet challenge! I am a big fan of short songs. Jethro Tull used to drop these little snippets into their albums. This one is of that quality I think!

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Wow this is really great! even without the nonet challenge really excellent write and performance here! You packed a lot into this 1 min with just a vocal/guitar really great work.