Driving 219 Through Pennsylvania

Driving 219 Through Pennsylvania

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Liner Notes: 

A story of an imagined trip, combining a couple of Andy's lyrical themes with a couple of mine.

One of these days maybe they'll invent an efficient EV minivan and I'll give it a whirl...

merlin, vocals: me
lyrics: Andy G

AndyGetch (me): Such a wonderful musification of the imagined trip by metalfoot! List of stops in the lyrics are based on locations in the app for Plugshare, which is an open crowdsourced app with information in each stop (likely to be many more in a few years when efficient EV tan vans hopefully become available).


Driving 219 Through Pennsylvania

Verse 1
Crossing the New York border need a restroom break
App says can stop at Kinzua Bridge State Park
I don’t know how long charging will take
But it’s free and a good enough place to start

Chorus 1
I borrowed this longer range EV
Still not sure if electric is the car for me
At home in Canada or while I’m driving 219
Through Pennsylvania

Verse 2
Could stop at Wal-Mart Supercenter in Dubois for a treat
Fast charging break from the windy road and I need a snack
Maybe early Christmas shopping for F#1, 2, and 3
Not sure if this is the way I want to go back

App says stop option at Askew Houser Funeral Home
Seems an odd place for a public charging station
Guess I could go in and talk to the mortician
Maybe swap some stories on our vocations

Chorus 2
Still getting used to this longer range EV
Wondering if electric is the car for me
At home in Canada or while I’m driving 219
Through Pennsylvania

Verse 3
Last stop at the Holiday Inn Express in Johnstown
A good nights rest in this Allegheny corridor
A new beginning of green leaves turning yellow and brown
Before the crossing of the Maryland border

Repeat chorus
I think I like this longer range EV
Getting used to the quiet ride maybe this is the car for me
At home in Canada or while I’m driving 219
Through Pennsylvania

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Excellent, the semi-spoken vocal is really good. I like the road trip story of the lyrics and the 'through Pennsylvania' chorus is really strong. Great collaboration. I had to look up 'merlin' I'd not heard of these instruments before. Great sound are really appropriate for these lyrics.

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I love this sound - I also had never heard of a merlin and had to look it up. The chorus is really catchy, and a funeral home really does seem like an odd place for a public charging station, haha! Very nice collab, great work!

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Hehee, this here has the right idea. That V2 really made me chuckle.

But these are real concerns! Would I get an EV? What a nightmare... not because of the car necessarily... but where to charge it??

Anyway. I love a good roadtrip song. And this is a good one. That snappy riffing pleases me.