Busy but clueless

Busy but clueless

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Liner Notes: 

One of my many started but not finished fragments.
Some time ago I recorded the bass line but didn't get to work in it further. Finally this evening I added some VST synths and generated percussion loops. The A part of the bass line might be a bit too repetetive but since I managed to play all this stuff I hesitated to cut it short Smile
This is my last tune for 5090 in this strange year.

Electric bass
EZdrummer + some Studio One Kit sounds
Sounds from "Box of tricks"
VST synths: OBXd, Tyrell

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As a former bassist, never a sleeping one I adore the progressiveness and admire your sturm&drang gestalt therapeutic sweetness on that woody abrasive thing. You manage to make it sound polite with an exact pinch of naughtiness.

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OH MY!!! that bass line and playing is excellent. I wholeheartedly agree with the above statement too! exact pinch of naughtiness Biggrin Some really nice synth blends in that too........nope not too repetitive at all!! maybe if you hadn't changed the drumming/percussion loops up as you did(I admire anyone that can program drums like that, it eats at my patience) it might be, but too short as it is!!! haha. This is an excellent fun and funky little boogie.