Surface Detail, Hidden Depths

Surface Detail, Hidden Depths

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Liner Notes: 

Returning to a more prog feel (and a 6/4 time signature) for this one. Mixing this one was a breeze compared to "Dodgy Geezer" even though there are nearly twice as many tracks here. Weird.

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Very smooth flow to this -- works seamlessly and probably wouldn't have noticed the 6/4 had you not mentioned it. Very enjoyable.

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Great piece. It has a great feel and like the 6/4. Sometimes more tracks, for me, is less work, - all the nice overlapping harmonics blend so well on their own, like here.

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Wow! This has such a full epic rock feel! The depth and interplay of the layers is grand and the synth sounds you achieve are totally awesome. Flows well and draws me right in. I want to go back and listen with headphones!

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Once again, the 0:50 minute marker brings out a fantastic bleepy bloopy sound after that chillingly cool buildup. You really highlight the drums perfectly. I love all the snappy sounds mixed like sprinkles in a tub of icecream. And the main lead gives me flashbacks to Unreal and the music by Alexander Brandon and Michiel Van Den Bos. Those space themes really inspired me to try my hand at Impulse Tracker. This is grand!