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Liner Notes: 

I nearly missed out on collaborating with Kristi! Glad I didn't. Smile

guitar, voice - metalfoot
lyrics- Kristi



There’s wonder in a set of clouds
That will soon disappear
There’s wonder in a stranger’s smile
It’s like a glass of cheer

There’s people you’ll remember
Only know a little while
There’s people who will give it all
Bring their own sense of style

Be what you imagine
Take all the time you need
Share a little something
And let it catch a breeze

There’s passion in an open heart
And it keeps the world alive
There’s passion in a piece of art
That simply makes you cry

There’s journeys full of mystery
And long nights that never end
There’s journeys taken just for fun
Between a few good friends

I wonder what’s ahead
I wonder what I’ve left behind
I wonder all my life
It’s alway on my mind

©2020 Kristi McKeever

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This is a wonderful collaboration! I love the sense of timeless wonder conveyed in the lyric and the wonderful forward motion of the guitar that feels like it fuels the wonder. Love the melody and vocal phrasing too!

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Such blissful music for an uplifting lyric. Wonderful collab!

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Good job making all the wondering swirl around and be driven by the guitar in that way. Thanks again! 50/90 always goes by so fast! Just a couple hours left now!