Help Me Please (electropop version)

Help Me Please (electropop version)

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Liner Notes: 

I have been totally devoid of inspiration for at least a month. If truth be told, I have been blank for the whole of this year. Sure some ideas appear, but not many and I have had to work a lot on most of them. It has become a chore to make music. It's not like I have exhausted my musical brain during lock down, I've hardly done anything. I only have 4 ideas unfinished on my laptop, that's a fifth of any normal writing period. I honestly can't be bothered. I had 10 days off and didn't do anything. I bought new equipment and it stayed in boxes until tonight, when I got a little bass line idea and decided to act on it after work.

I loaded a template into reason and the instruments it selected were so wrong for my idea. However I messed around and this strange little instrumental was born.

I will hopefully do the original idea and lyrics using the same chords later. Too tired to continue. Back to work in seven hours. Pah.


Help Me Please

Music by M.M.Scullion ©2020

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I can always make time for strange little instrumentals. Particularly when they're as upbeat and fun as this one is. The cheesy 80s-era Simmons tom fills made me smile - they're perfect for the piece. This is a delight!